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Our Services

Our EPC services identify and create efficiencies through turnkey solutions. WTEC's design experience, project management skills and construction skills allow us to act as sole responsible for achieving your investment goals.

We are responsible for:

  • Planning.

  • Preliminary engineering.

  • Preconstruction.

  • Detailed design.

  • Procurement.

  • Construction management.

  • Start-up & commissioning.

  • Qualification & validation.

  • Maintenance.



WTEC’s engineers, with their extensive know-how, are here to fully support you with excellent service. From detailed engineering to project management, WTEC takes complete care of the project both on and off site.



WTEC is responsible for all Purchasing, Expediting, Receiving and Invoicing activities needed to obtain all equipment, materials and services necessary for the successful execution of the project.

Typical activities comprise:

  • Issue of Enquiry

  • Bid Tabulation and Evaluation

  • Placement of Orders and payment

  • Transportation

  • Insurance

  • Inspection and Expediting



​The construction activities for the project are accomplish by experienced construction planning unit and right (suitable) sub-contractor for actual site construction work.

Typical activities comprise:

  • Site Preparation

  • Civil and Mechanical Construction Work

  • Installation and Erection of Equipment and Systems

  • Instrument, Insulation, Electrical and Painting Work

  • Safety Enforcement



WETC offers Maintenance services, ranging from corrective activities like repairs and replacement needs, but also preventive activities such as regular inspections.

Maintenance services relate to 3 major areas:

  • Civil Maintenance – covers maintenance services for buildings and facilities such as water, gas, steam, compressed air, heating and ventilation, plumbing.

  • Mechanical Maintenance – this refers to maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing machinery used in factories, construction, laboratory, etc.

  • Electrical Maintenance – this area covers electrical equipment such as lighting, fans, generators, transformers, telephone systems, electrical installations.


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